Племенной питомник ХРУСТАЛЬНАЯ МЕЧТА  ( Hrustalnaya mechta) РКФ -FCI cв-во 5760 2003 год


Growing up a Russian Toy Terrier

It is better to make a house for the pet, the best house is a cat house, put there some material or blanket with a pillow, the pillow needs to be changed regularly.
The place where the puppy sleeps should not be near the door or the heating.
The puppy should have elastic rubber toys, do not let it play with shoes or clothes.
The puppy must have water in a special place (not milk).
From 1 to 2 months of age - 4 times a day, from 2 to 6 months of age - 3 times a day, starting with 6 months of age - 2 times a day.
You should have Bifitrilak and Lignitin in your medical chest for functional bowel disorders prophylaxis.
Curd, kefir (milk can cause stomach disease), a boiled egg - only the yolk, ј of it once a week.
Meat - uncooked and boiled beef, boiled chicken (with low fat per cent), no pork at all!!!
Fish - only sea fish, boiled, with low fat per cent, with no bones.
Porridge - cooked with milk or with meat bouillon.
Vegetables - marrow, carrot, cabbage… greens, fruit, bread crackers (with no salt, pepper or sugar).
DO NOT FEED YOUR PUPPY WITH: legumes, hot or spicy food, salty, smoked or smoked-dried food.
YOU CAN FEED your puppy dry dog food, water must always be in the place where the puppy eats.
If you feed your puppy dry food, no extra food is needed.
If you feed it porridges, you should give him minerals and vitamins (only that they need, do not overfeed them with minerals or vitamins).
It is important to play with your puppy.
While playing a game with a one-month-old puppy, try to teach it simple commands, to let it to get used to its name etc.
ry to teach it game, y with your puppy.nes
DO NOT stroke its head, pull things out of its mouth, let it go up and down the ladder until it is 4 months of age.
IT IS IMPORTANT to cut its nails once per 1,5-2 months, clean its ears with a cotton wool tampon wet in hydrogen peroxide or in special lotions.
It is important to look after the puppy's teeth during the second dentition. Often, milk-teeth (especially canines) have to be extracted by a veterinarian.
During the second dentition your puppy should be given big beef bones (uncooked) in order not to let the puppy crack it in pieces.
When the puppy is 2-2,5 months old, it should get vaccinated with Nobivac - the next vaccine is after 21 days, and after 10 days you can walk in the streets.
After the puppy gets vaccinated, you should not bathe him for 14 days.
After the second dentition (when the puppy turns 6,5-7 months old), it should be vaccinated with Nobivac again, this time against the rabies, too.
DURING ALL ITS LIFE a dog should be vaccinated once a year.
In a week before the vaccination the puppy should get a vermifuged with Drontal or Canikvantel vermifugebe yuppy should  or another one, but watch the
dosage, the dogs are very small, in the morning on the hungry stomach, after it gets vermifuged do not feed it for two hours.
A dog should be vermifuged 4 times a year.
It is better not to bathe your puppy with soap or shampoo until he is 6 months of age but you should wash its paws after you walk him with warm water and
dry them well. Keep the puppy safe from the cold.
From April till October keep your dog safe from fleas and ticks, use special drops and sprays.
REMEMBER! Watch your puppy not to fall down from the height. Even 1,5 meter height is enough for a puppy to die. When you take a puppy to your
arms,  hold it tight and if it tries to set itself free, pull your hand over its neck like you hold a goose.
Do not let the puppy be on a sofa until he teaches how to get on it itself.
When you walk in your house or take a seat in your armchair be careful that the puppy is not there in order not to press it.
Teach the puppy to go to the toilet on an old newspaper or in the cat toilet.

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